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This week's shows:
June 17 - Kino Regis - Bochnia, PL
June 18 - Przeworsk Blues Festival - Przewosrk, PL
June 19 - Militariada - Nowa Deba, PL

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My latest album, Skin and Bones, released on October 16th, 2015, on the American Blues Artist Group label was written and recorded a bit differently than my last three records.
I wanted this album to sound a bit less like a studio album, and have more of a raw feel. Neil Young is a great inspiration of mine, and I like the way he works in the studio; get the song worked up, and use one of the first takes. You can do overdubs, but don’t fuss over the little blemishes. More of the real personality of the song will come through.
In the past I have worked out the arrangements well before I go into the studio and record. The reason for this is to make sure you can get in and out without spending a ton of money. Typically we would be going for really good drum tracks and do the rest of the overdubs at home. To do this the songs needed to be completely formed before going into the expensive studio.
Well, now I have a home studio where we can record drums anytime we want. Also, I think the songs take a different shape when you work out the arrangements on the fly with the rhythm section right there in the room with you. So I brought my boys in and we got to work.




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BIO: Dudley Taft grew up in a country called the "Midwest", where he learned the values of friendship, roots blues, rock 'n' roll and a good ear of corn. With a background that includes Berklee College of Music as well as years touring with rock bands Sweet Water and Second Coming, Dudley is a thinking man’s blues rocker. There’s plenty of swagger here, but also the sensitivity of a thoughtful songwriter. In his music you’ll hear delta roots mingling with Seattle grunge, a southern twang with a high-octane crunch. read more...