Satyr Blues Festival, Tarnobrzeg, Poland 2017

Satyr Blues Festival, Tarnobrzeg, Poland 2017

Dudley Taft has been playing blues rock since 2008, when he formed Dudley Taft Blues Overkill with like-minded Seattle musicians.  After playing clubs and casinos in the Pacific Northwest for a couple of years, he released the album Left For Dead. Since 2010, Taft  has recorded and released a total of five studio albums and one live CD, recorded on the European tours of 2014 and 2015.

His songs, his rough-hewn voice, his stinging lead guitar, all recorded in his own Cincinnati studio (that he bought from Peter Frampton in 2013), shows an artist maturing into the kind of dire threat who will not back down. – Goldmine Magazine 

Dudley Taft sounds a lot smoother than he looks and his guitar work is a real discovery, he manages to fit some blisteringly complex licks into short phrases that compliment his pleasing vocal presentations. – Blues Matters Magazine 

He is an unabashed blues rocker and his music draws on the best of both its progenitors and helps to define the genre. – Ben Vee Blues 

I love rock & roll and I love the blues, and the way Dudley Taft puts them together has always done it for me. - Rock Doctor 

Dudley has built a fanatic fan base in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. – Rootstime Belgium 

Dudley Taft is an intriguing blend of blues influences like Elmore James, and Lightning Hopkins… There is some southern country rock, Texas blues, Seattle grunge and even some hard heavy rock all of which Dudley mashes together to deliver a sound that is more than the sum of the individual components. - Blues Rock Review 

Somewhere along the musical spectrum resting firmly between the Texas Blues of ZZ Top and the SouthernRock of Lynyrd Skynyrd you will find the musical stylings of Dudley Taft. The guitar slinger is back with another batch of tunes that will rattle your teeth and shake your bones. Built around classic blues riffs, driving rock guitars and a hint of metal Dudley Taft continues to blend the past and present to create one hell of a bad ass sound. – Atlanta

Summer Rain  album reviews:

“Summer Rain” is the fifth studio production to date by the American with the long beard. The eleven new numbers were all recorded at Dudley Taft’s own studio and penned by the man himself. These awesomely driving numbers set the air on fire.  “Summer Rain” is a wonderful guitar rock album that immediately drills itself into your aural track, where it’s set to remain. This CD really has no weak points, is great fun and invites you to listen to it. Well done, Dudley! 

Taft devotes himself not to urban blues but to a more energetic variety, frequently referred to as Seattle blues, a mix of blues rock and grunge ... 

Steaming Texas blues, grooving shuffles, balladesque moments, crisp riffs and concise solos – a rock solid, diverse CD. 

Good Times, February/March 2018 

“Summer Rain” is probably Dudley’s best work to date. While all of his releases so far have a certain darkness to them, this one features the underlying theme of a soldier’s hardships, stress, toil, and struggle to find a way home that makes this a cohesive whole. His songwriting is that perfect combination of brooding remembrance with killer guitar chops that all blues rock fans adore. 

“Summer Rain” once again proves one thing about its creator: Taft can be straightforward (‘Pistols At Ten Paces’, ‘Come With Me’) as well as extravagant with the number of ideas (‘Moonbeam’) that he introduces within an average playing time of five minutes. This way, the accomplished bluesman has succeeded in recording an impressive album with great live potential that features undiluted blues as close to the genre’s arguable boundaries as only few artists have done before him. 

The transition between rock, blues and a tiny little bit of alternative, combined with Taft’s unmistakable voice, has always been the attraction of his music. A definite must for all those who liked his previous albums. All other fans of the genre should also chance a peek or indeed a listen, it’s well worth it. 

A terrific album featuring great blues and roots elements away from the mainstream. 

... in terms of sound, performance and production a more than remarkable album for all fans of blues-soaked rock with a perceptible degree of toughness. So the musician from Washington D.C. has got a lot of things right on “Summer Rain” that should also appeal to fans of classic rock music. 

hooked on 

Dudley Taft definitely doesn’t present the same old blues story that you forget as soon as you’ve heard it. In fact “Summer Rain” sounds exciting, interesting and for that reason also remarkable and recommendable thanks to its mélange.